Brand Ambassadors

Just what is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is an influential person in agriculture often involved in educational programs and consulting for farmers and ranchers.  These folks believe in and promote the Timeless Fence System as the #1 choice in electric fence products.  While they do not often carry an inventory of Timeless Fence System products they have experience in using the product on their own farms and ranches.

Greg Judy was the first individual to become a Brand Ambassador for Timeless Fence System. Greg lives in Clark, Missouri on Green Pastures Farm with his wife Jan. Based on his personal experience, he shows how to make a living from the land without owning it. He describes his successes as well as his mistakes to help others on the road to profit. The Judy’s raise South Poll cattle, hair sheep and hogs on silvopasture all on grass.  Today he has twelve farms totaling more than 1560 acres. Greg teaches grazing techniques in workshops held across the US including once per year at one of his farms in Clark, Missouri.




Greg has been using Timeless Fence products for several years.  In 2019 Greg decided he would begin recording videos to post on YouTube explaining the techniques he uses along with why and how he uses some of the products he has on his farm.  The Judy’s post videos almost daily to their YouTube channel Greg Judy Regenerative Rancher.  They understand time is money and what it means when you do not have to constantly check fence lines and lose time and money making costly repairs.


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Greg Judy talks Making a Living Farming

Greg Judy describes Timeless Fence

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