Our Friends

Meet Some of Our Friends and Colleagues

Ian Mitchell-Innes lives in South Africa and has practiced various forms of Holistic Management on his Ranch for the past 13 years. High Density, Ultra-High Density Grazing and Planned Grazing are practiced on the Ranch so as to obtain improvement in soil life, which enables livestock to have good performance with minimal inputs. Ian is an HMI (Holistic Management International) Certified Educator, giving talks and training in many environmentally different areas. Ian spends a few months a year in the United States teaching his practices. To see a schedule of where and when to attend one of his workshops click here. You can also follow Ian on Facebook by clicking here.

Greg Judy lives in Missouri on Green Pastures Farm with his wife Jan. Based on his personal experience, Greg Judy shows how to make a living from the land without owning it. He describes his successes as well as his mistakes to help others on the road to profit. By leasing land and cattle he went from 40 stockers to over 1100 head and was able to pay off his farm and home loan within three years. Today he has twelve farms totaling more than 1560 acres. Greg teaches Grazing techniques in workshops held in different locations across the US. To see Greg’s schedule click here. You can also follow Greg on Facebook by clicking here.

Patrick King was very fortunate to grow up riding and competing with many breeds of horses in various disciplines. He’s just as comfortable flying over a jump, driving a team of drafts, or roping and sorting cattle as he is starting colts and riding canter pirouettes in the dressage arena. Early on, though, a horse came into his life that wouldn’t put up with inadequacy on the part of the human. A challenge from this horse threatened Patrick’s life and sparked a new journey that didn’t involve ribbons.


Like you, Patrick seeks to be an eternal student of the horse and the horsemen that have come before him – and he feels it is his duty to share the knowledge that he has gained along his journey. Throughout the year, he travels around helping people and their horses through his clinics, camps, workshops, and expo demonstrations. His students are of all levels and disciplines, from Grand Prix Dressage riders to more casual riders that aren’t interested in competing but are still very serious about their horsemanship. What Patrick teaches is not so much an exercise or drill, as so many other clinicians and trainers teach, but a feel. It’s a feel that becomes a connection and a synchronicity of two minds and two bodies, the horse and the human. For more information on Patrick, visit his website at pkhorsemanship.com. You can also follow Patrick on Facebook by clicking here.

American GrazingLands Services LLC is dedicated to aiding farmers and ranchers to more effectively manage their grazing lands for economic and environmental sustainability. They provide on-ranch consulting services and participate in many workshops and seminars across the US and Canada. The business is owned and operated by Jim and Dawn Gerrish of May, Idaho.


Jim’s experience includes over 20 years of beef-forage systems research and outreach while on the faculty of the University of Missouri, as well as 20 years of commercial cattle and sheep production on their family farm in northern Missouri. Visit their website at americangrazinglands.com or catch them on Facebook by clicking here.

Russ Wilson operates Wilson Land & Cattle Co, a 220-acre farm in Forest County, south of Tionesta, PA. He and his family raise cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and honey bees as well custom grazing for other producers. They employ adaptive management techniques to make the farm more profitable. As part of his adaptive grazing management Russ incorporates Cool Season & Native Warm Season Grasses along with both warm and cool season multi-species cover crop mixes to allow him to graze as much of the year as possible. Russ purchases what little hay he feeds and is truly a low cost producer. Even if you are not currently a livestock producer you will enjoy Russ’s talks and hopefully learn how important livestock grazing on cropland can be to improving overall soil health on the farm. Wilson enjoys sharing his unique management strategies with other farmers and ranchers with a hope to make them more sustainable.

Protecting people & wildlife in our growing world!

Since 2004 Animex has grown as a unique enterprise from it’s independent parent company Ecosupport Ltd to specialize in providing the most informed and relevant wildlife mitigation solutions for conservation and construction projects around the world.


With origins in construction and ecological consultancy they have developed a range of fencing products that are specifically designed for the purpose of protecting threatened and endangered animals from the impacts of global growth. The products offered have been invented with both animals and contractors in mind to ensure that the fencing fulfills it’s primary function while making installation and maintenance stress free and simple.


Animex uses Timeless Fence System posts in many of their installations of fencing around the world. Check out their website at animexfencing.com and their Facebook by clicking here.