Upgrade Your Electric Fence

Upgrade Your Electric Fence

Why Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC Products

Are the Clear Winner Over Wood Posts

When it comes to electric fencing, choosing the right type of post is crucial. While wood has traditionally been the go-to material for fence posts, its quality and affordability are on the decline. That’s where the Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products come in – they offer a superior alternative that is not only more durable but also more cost-effective.

One of the biggest issues with wood posts is that they are prone to rotting, especially at and below ground level. This means that they typically have a lifespan of less than 20 years, which can be frustrating for landowners who have to replace them frequently. In contrast, Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for decades without rotting.

Another disadvantage of wood posts is that they require plastic insulators, which can break and cause the electric fence to stop working. This means that you need to spend extra money and time on insulators, which can add up quickly. With Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products, however, there is no need for insulators – the material itself is an excellent insulator, which ensures consistent electric flow.

Professional fencers charge a high price to install wood posts, ranging from $6 to $10+ per post to place in the ground. This can make fencing a costly and time-consuming task for landowners. In contrast, installing Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products is a breeze and can be done with basic fencing tools. This means that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on professional fencing equipment or services, making it a much more affordable option.

Compare the cost

When you compare the total cost per foot of wood posts versus Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products, it becomes clear that the latter is the superior choice. Not only are Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products more cost-effective, but they are also more durable and require less maintenance.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting, and affordable option for your electric fencing needs, Timeless Fence System Rigid PVC products are the way to go. With their superior quality and ease of installation, you can rest assured that your fencing will be in good hands for many years to come.

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