Timeless Fence System offers versatility that other fencing products lack…
Made from Recycled Materials

Timeless Fence Posts is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts widely used in construction, farming, landscaping, and erosion control.

Self Insulating

Ideal for installing electric wire – no insulators needed. High-Tensile wire and electric braid can be threaded directly through the post for an extremely strong, virtually maintenance-free fence.

Easy to Install

Farmers and ranchers across the U.S.A. and around the world are finding that Timeless Fencing is easy to install. Posts are pre-drilled every three inches to greatly reduce cost and installation time.

Strong Yet Flexible

Timeless Fence posts absorb impact and bounce back, making it all but impossible to break under normal use. Robust design withstands harsh weather and is strong enough to hold barbed wire and woven wire. NEVER Rusts or Rots: Replace wood and steel posts once with the Timeless Fence System and use your extra time on productive tasks – not fence repair.

Lasting Beauty

You’ll be proud to see this good looking fence along your property. The satin-like finish on these posts maintains its new look for many years.


Timeless Fencing posts come with a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and a 20 year guarantee on white UV coating. The actual life expectancy of this product is greater than five times the guaranteed life.


Many farmers who raise cattle choose barbed wire simply because “old fashioned” electric fencing on steel posts is easily shorted out. Made from non-conducting PVC plastic, (with no breakable insulators needed) Timeless Fencing makes frustrating charging problems a thing of the past. But if you simply would rather use barbed wire, these posts are an excellent choice.

Did you know…

Fences are used for many different reasons and in many different types of soil. When choosing a fence keep these points in mind:

Post Spacing

White Timeless Fence posts spaced 16 feet apart make an eye-catching fence along roadways, driveways, and other areas where the “look” is important.


If the fence is more utilitarian and cost is a factor, consider using high-tensile electric wire with spacing between posts of 50 feet (or more) with droppers (also know as stays) used between posts. Droppers are not set into the ground but are threaded onto the wires to maintain wire spacing and can dramaticaly reduce the cost of line fencing without affecting the integrity of the fence. Since these droppers aren’t driven into the ground, and instead float above it, they make trimming the fence line a breeze.


With the exception of corner posts and “boss” posts (used for sharp turns and major changes in terrain), fence posts do not need to be set as deeply in the ground as you may think. This is particularly for Timeless Fencing since these flexible posts are not as prone to work loose in the ground over time. Depth of installation for line fencing varies depending upon the length of the post.

Temporary or Permanent

Timeless Fence posts are an excellent choice for permanent fencing since they will look just as good 20 years from now as they do today. But sometimes fences are meant to be moved – especially if you are using rotational or mob grazing techniques. our Step-In post, made from the same non-conductive material as our permanent posts, simply can’t be beat.


Americans have a tendency to associate strength with bulk – the heavier an item, the stronger it must be. But, just as technology has proven that smaller electronics can work many times better than larger ones, Timeless Fencing is proving that the actual strength of fencing is in the system – not in the wood, metal, or even plastic.


Electric Fencing is intended to train livestock to stay away from the fence through non-harmful shocks – a lesson that is quickly learned if the fence is properly constructed. If the shock is too mild, or the current is shorted out, the animal will ignore the wire and the fence must be able to hold the animals through shear strength alone. With non-conductive recycled PVC posts, the likelihood of shorts in the current from pasture conditions is greatly reduced – almost non-existant.


Our systems have been tested to ensure a consistent, powerful, but safe and humane current that contains livestock with minimal physical fencing. Less fencing, less maintenance.

This Post IS the Insulator!

Completely Self-Insulating and Non-Conductive