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Authorized Reseller Program Details

This program was developed in 2014 as a way to expand the reach of Timeless Fence System into local markets across the U.S.  Today we have 150+ Authorized Resellers around the U.S., several in Canada along with one each in New Zealand and Australia.  Many market areas are still untapped and we are actively seeking new Authorized Resellers to add to our mix.


What is an Authorized Reseller?

Authorized Resellers can be farm supply businesses, fence contractors, or simply a farmer or rancher looking to add an additional revenue stream for their business.  These locations will stock inventory typically of our most popular items to sell to customers in their local markets.


How do I become an Authorized Reseller?

The initial step is to fill out the qualifying form below for the Authorized Reseller program.  One of our staff will review your information to see if your local market area is available for a new Authorized Reseller or if there is one currently serving that area.  We will then contact you to let you know if you qualify or not and then go over the details of the program if you do qualify.  The next step would be to determine which of our initial order packages fit with your desired level of investment and place your opening order.


What benefits do I receive for being an Authorized Reseller?

As an Authorized Reseller, you can purchase any of the items we offer at a wholesale price.  When sold at our suggested retail prices, our rigid PVC products often carry a much higher profit margin than more traditional fence building materials like steel or wood posts.  We support you by providing marketing materials free of charge like brochures, price sheets and catalogs.  You will then be listed on the Authorized Reseller page of our website and the locator map, where potential customers can find your contact information and reach out to you directly.  We also forward potential customers who contact our office to you if they are in your local area as well.  Our in-house marketing staff can assist you in designing ads if you choose to do advertising in your local area.  If you choose to join our Level 1 program you also receive exclusive sales rights to your home county (up to 2 additional counties can be added).

If you are interested in an exciting opportunity with a product that is fast becoming the #1 choice for farmers and ranchers everywhere, please give us a call today at 800-788-4709, or fill out the qualifying form below.

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