Speedrite 18000i Unigizer


18 J maximum output energy (24 J stored energy)

2-year warranty


Cyclic Wave™ technology – Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximizing the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control
Low Energy Terminal – Limits energy to below 1.5 J for use around buildings and houses.
Remote capable (remote not included) Using a Speedrite fence remote enables you to switch the energizer on or off from anywhere along the fence line. This makes it easy to manage repairs and maintenance
LCD voltage display – Displays output voltage, battery voltage, and earth voltage. Backlit LCD for viewing in poor light conditions
Indicator lights – (voltage and battery). Easy-to-read light bar display provides an instant measure of the Unigizer output voltage and battery condition for quick fence diagnostics. The LED display shows red when heavily loaded
Battery saver – Microprocessor technology automatically adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition. This feature extends battery life and is particularly efficient when used in solar installations
Day/Night sensor – Automatically adjusts pulse speed to contain or exclude animals based on day or night conditions

Input Voltage: 12 V / 100 – 240 V
Maximum stored energy: 24.0 J
Maximum output energy: 18.0 J
Output Voltage @ 100 Ω: 5,200 V
Output Voltage @ 500 Ω: 7,800 V
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Dimensions: 13″ x 10.2″ x 4.25″